When you first start as a lash artist, you have no idea what you need or even how to start. I have been lashing for 12+ years and here is what what worked for me. 

After taking my first lash training I was so nervous I shook the whole time, so at first I learn how to get in the mind set of relaxing my hands. There are small stretches you can do to help your hands relax and if you are a coffee drinker. I would stop drink caffeine until you get confident in your skills. I know it sounds like I am crazy, but it does help! 

Before you start working on paid customers, start working on family for free. YES I SAID FREE! With family they know you are new, so if you mess up or the retention is off. Thats ok, because they didn't pay. When you get better they can choose to continue or not, but there will come a time you need to start charging. There is not a set amount of time or amount of fills you need to do. I would say when you can see a good retention and placement, I think it time to rock it.

What do you do next? What do you buy? Where do you market? How do you find the right place to work? How do you get clients? All those are such important and good thing to cover. So let's break them down so its not over whelming.


What do you need to buy? 

I would ask you self, do you want a message bed or a chair to lash from. I have lashed from both and to be honest I like my chair. It's a zero gravity electric recliner  I have used it for years and it has never given my any problems. Every one of my clients fit comfortably in it no matter what hight, size or shape. You have to take that into consideration when looking at bed or chair. I also had my husband build my a platform for the chair to sit on. (we secured the chair to the platform so it wouldn't slide off) If you feel comfortably lashing from a message bed, you will need to make sure it can hold good weight and you are able to fit you legs under is nicely. In class you should have learned how to properly sit and how you place your client so you're not to fare over. You could really do harm to your back with not sitting correctly.

Next you need to think about lighting and product storage. Oh how lighting can make or break how you can see those darn little lashes. For years I didn't think this was important, so I didn't lash with a light for a long time. Then my eyes really started giving my trouble so I broke down and bought a table lamp (DO NOT RECOMMEND) it gave me a little bit of help but its wasn't until I bought a ring light my life changed and so did my work. I could adjust the setting to what I wanted and I could see those little babies I have been missing. When it comes to storage, Ikea is you going to be your best friend. My favorite from there is the Alex Storage Draws this one is wide enough to hold anything you need, from lash trays to tweezers and everything in between. Its a must have to start you lash journey. 

Now we have our bed, light and storage. Now how to get my name out there to get the clients. 



When I started, social media really wasn't a thing like it is now. So marketing now is not a hard as it was for me back then. First you need pictures, everyone buys with their eyes. So a great picture can make or break your marketing. If you're not the best picture taker I would recommend taking the Maggs Photolash Course. It goes into so much depth about how to take the right shot and how to edit to make you picture stand out over the rest. I thought I was taking great pictures but when I took her course I was completely changed. Take as many pictures as you can of you best work that you have done on your family. Start posting so when you tell people to follow you on IG or Facebook they can see what kind of work you do. We've got the supplies, we've got the pictures. Now how to find the right clientele so we can start making the money!



You want to ask your self, What kind of clients do I want to service? In my studies and years of experience the working middle-age women are your best and loyal clients. They are at the point in their life they want to feel and look pretty. Also they are tired of taking a long time to get ready. The best two top places to find these women are at banks and beauty salons. Hooking up with some hair-stylist and doing their lashes at a discount you can not go wrong with. Talking to the bank teller about what you do is always a great way to start the marketing. Bank tellers see so many people that having you do her lashes at a discount OR teller her for every new set she refers she get a percentage off. This will motivate her to tell everyone so she saved money and you get more clients, also make sure she has you business cards on hand too! So we have covered everything except, where do you want to work and settle into.



Finding the right place for you can take a little bit. You might start at one place and you see that it's not the best fit for you. Don't jump at the first job that opens up. Look at least 3 places and make a pro-con list. It might sound silly but it actually works. Look at what the salon/studio atmosphere is like. Does is vibe with what you want and stand for? Does is have the clients that you are wanting for gain. What is their employe turn over (how long do people stay) like?

My biggest advice for this is to give a good year no matter where you land 1: that shows other possible salon/lash studios that you might like better that you are committed and willing to stick it out  2: never burn a bridge always and I mean always give a notice if you choose to leave. I promise you, your new place of work will ask that. 


I really hope these tips on how to start out helps you. Good luck newbie lash artist. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will you lash skills. Stick with it because you never know. You might be like me and have you own brand and training new lash artist like yourself. Until next time... 



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