Building your lash clientele

The most asked question is "how do I grow my lash clientele?" if there was a magic wand to grant that, wouldn't that be nice?! Since there isn't one, i'll tell you the magic trick I did to grow mine.

Now when I started my lash journey in 2007, I didn't have the social media like there is today. EVERYTHING was by word of mouth or newspaper/magazine ads. Now we have Instagram/Facebook/TikToc all those are great ways to get your name out there and show off your best work. I didn't have that to fall on until around 2011/2012. I had to work my butt off to get my name out their with doing model work..


Model work is where you find people that are around the clientele you want.. aka Banks/Hair Salons/Gyms ect. I went to any and all hair salon telling them about lash extension and trying to get my books filled. I would talk to them about getting a free or extremely discounted full set.Then when they rebook for their fill I would tell them about the referral program. For each person they refer they will receive 'X' so that hits two birds with one stone. You gain new clients while building a clientele. I hustled so much, now I am turning away people because my books are so full. Also this is the time you can also start build you picture taking skills.


Everyone shops with their eye before they even think about investing. So take that extra time on the client to get that picture perfect set, is key. There is a way to take pictures and its not with them laying down. I would recommend taking LASH PHOTO MASTERY course. It is hands down the best online course for taking lash pictures. She goes over everything and anything about taking that perfect lash picture to post on you social media. She also has filters so you can make you instagram pictures similar and flowing. People like to see things be similar and pretty. 

I really hope this two major key advice helps grow your lash clientele so big you have to turn people away. You will get there I promise, I am a walking example. If you build it they will come! Until text time...


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