Have eyelash retention issues? Here are some great ways to help that..

Have eyelash retention issues? Here are some great ways to help that..

1- Extensions don’t stick to dirty lashes


  • When you have a client that is having poor retention- make sure those puppies are super clean before their fill. I like to have a space in the shop where they can go and clean their lashes before their appointment.


  • It’s import to educate your client about keeping their lashes clean- I recommend cleaning their lashes at their first full-set. This helps the client know what it should feel like for when they go and clean them there.

2- The adhesive is drying too fast


  • When you see that the lashes are popping off too soon after the fill. It could be because you are not getting the extension on the natural lashes fast enough.


  • Adhesive dries at different times, so it’s important to making sure you get one that is good for your speed

3- Not changing out the adhesive during the appointment.


  • When you get your adhesive make sure you read about how long you should make a new drop during the appointment.


  • Example: With Simply Clear- you should make a new drop every 20-30 mins. Once you dispense a drop, the crystallization process starts. So to keep your adhesive fresh, making a new drop is importan.


  • Tip: I like to see how long my appointment is and add up how many 25 mins are in that appointment. Then I go ahead cut that many pieces of paper tape for the new drops. I also write down the time on the tape when I make a new drop. This helps me keep on track.

4- Not a good solid connection


  • It’s import to make sure when you are placing the extensions on the natural lash, to have that good solid connection.


  • If the base isn’t connected properly, it could have a small lift. When the client brushes the lashes during the 2/3 weeks. The mascara wand could get caught and pop the lash off or worse pull out the natural lash and extension.

5- Adhesive is out of date


  • When opening a new bottle of adhesive, I recommend dating that bottle. This helps you keep track of when it goes out of date. Have you ever tried to lash with out of dated adhesive- it doesn’t work!


  • If you dont date it or you forgot, and it gets tacky before the 20 mins, the adhesive has crystallized too much in the bottle.




*To help the adhesive to last longer make sure your ‘burping’ the bottle after every drops.